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Helicopter Tours & Charter
Agusta 109e
Agusta 109e helicopter is operated for all corporate and VIP transfer flights. These 4-6 passenger, fast twin engine, luxuriously appointed helicopter offers the ultimate in comfort for the discerning client. Leather seating, air conditioning and chilled drinks come as standard.

AS350 B3
The high-performance AS350 B3 which is equipped for such multi-role operations as aerial filming and photography, charter flights and sightseeing tours, outclasses all other single engine helicopters for operation, versatility and safety. It excels in hot conditions making it an ideal aircraft for the Middle East.

EC130 B4
The EC130 B4 is the perfect choice for touring flights. A large cabin allows passengers a perfect un-restricted view from all seating postions. The addition of the Fenestron enclosed tail rotor reduces noise by up to 30% for increased noise reduction and comfort.

Scenic Heritage Aerial Tour of Dubai
12 Minutes : Take off towards the Dubai Creek and experience a memoir of the past with the sceneries of the “sails” of the Creek Golf Club, Spice Souk, the Historical Wind Towers and Sheikh Rashid Palace in Heritage Village. Fly above the astonishing Dubai beaches, and be mesmerized with the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel and The Palm. Eastwards, be adorned with the views of the amazing architectural masterpiece - Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world, the Old Town and the site of the world's richest horse race - Meydan. Return towards Festival city with unforgettable memories of Dubai and its HERITAGE.


 Scenic Explorer Aerial Tour of Dubai
22 Minutes : Explore the City of Gold - Experience an exciting helicopter flight taking off from Festival City, passing through the iconic sails of the Creek Golf Club, towards the Historical Dubai and Heritage Village. As the aerial sight-seeing gaze continues at the famous Dubai shorelines and beaches, be amazed with the stunning Burj Al Arab – the 7 star hotel and fly over the breathtaking world wonders – The Palm Jumeirah and The Atlantis Hotel. Turn to Sheikh Zayed Road, where the Dubai’s pride – Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world stands and the Old Town. Have a wonderful view of the world’s richest horse race course as we head forward to Meydan and land back at Festival City.

We are proud of our safety record and conduct regular checks. To help us maintain this record we ask all our passengers to read the safety briefing below. On the day of your flight our ground staff / pilots will provide a pre-flight safety briefing.

Please make sure you read and understand the following rules. If you have any questions please ask one of our ground staff or pilots.

I’ve never flown in a helicopter… what can I expect?
Flying by helicopter is fun and exciting! Lift off can be best described as “riding an elevator and escalator at the same time”. Helicopters provide amazing views from each seat and are the best way to experience the spectacular scenery. For your safety, we ask that you closely follow the directions of our staff especially regarding entering and exiting the aircraft.

Age Restriction?
Our tour fleet are not fitted with child restraints. This means that we are unable to carry children of less than 2 years of age. Our clients are informed of this prior to their booking to ensure that their expectations are met.

Passenger Weight?
There is a passenger capacity limit for each type of helicopter . Due to aircraft weight requirements, there is a limit on the per-seat weight for each passenger, depending on fuel-loading and baggage weight.
All passenger weights should be disclosed at the time of booking the reservation, and actual weights shall be measured at the time of the flight by use of a digital scale at the facility. The actual weight must be measured per GCAA regulations.

Safety Briefing for passenger?
A full safety briefing for all passengers is mandatory for all flights. This is provided in advance of the flight in a suitably comfortable environment. Are the airplanes & helicopters pressurized?
No, smaller, low altitude aircraft are not pressurized. The altitude is not high enough for this to be necessary .

How many passengers per helicopter?
Our helicopters can carry up to 6 passengers and 1 pilot. Seating in the helicopter is based on weight and balance of all the passengers in the helicopter.

I am pregnant. Can I fly in a helicopter?
Yes, however for mothers from travelling after 29 weeks (approx. 7 months) of pregnancy. A doctor’s certificate must be produced prior to flight confirming that the pregnancy is progressing normally and the mother-to-be is fit to fly.

Can I talk to the pilot?
Each guest has a headset and has the ability to talk with the pilot; during which, everyone on the helicopter will be able to hear you .

Is the narration delivered through headsets or just by micro-phone from the pilot?
Each guest has a headset in order to hear the pilot narration during the flight .

About cameras and photography
Cameras including Video cameras are only allowed to take in the helicopter as long as you follow instructions below :
 Cameras with lens greater than 400mm are not permitted.
 Please switch off the flash function and never use it inside the helicopter.
 The photography is only allowed in the helicopter after takeoff.
 Please refrain from taking photos when boarding and disembarking.
 Please have good manners for other passengers on board.

Passenger Handling?
Our handling officers are well trained and experienced in passenger and emergency operations . The rotors of the helicopter are running when boarding and disembarking. Our staff will guide you to the helicopter.
If you are flying with children please hold their hand and ensure that they are safely placed into the helicopter and secure in their seat.

Are life jackets required?
Over water flights life jackets will be provided for all passengers

No Smoking & No Alcohol?
Passenger are not allowed to board aircraft with influence of alcohol & NO consuming alcohol inflight .Smoking or chewing tobacco is NOT PERMITTED on or near the aircraft Pilot in command have final decision to cancel the tours and disembark the passengers if needed.

What If The Weather Is Bad?
Most tours can take place in cloudy conditions and even light rain/ fog. We do however understand that this is a scenic tours for you and will re-schedule your flight if the weather conditions do not meet your expectations. If the options don’t work for you we will fully cancel your flight and provide a refund or reschedule. Generally the stuff we don’t want to be in, you don’t want to be in!

Motion Sickness?
If you are prone to motion sickness please tell ground staff or your pilot . Air Sick bags are provided.

No hats should be worn. Please hold onto any loose items. IF the rotor wash blows away any loose items DO NOT TRY AND RECOVER them, One of our ground staff will collect it for you.

Passengers with limited Mobility or Young Children
An able-bodied passenger is required to occupy an exit seat. To ensure we make the necessary arrangements we must be notified of passenger additional needs / special circumstances at the time of booking. These include restricted mobility, sight & hearing impairments, young children and pregnancy.